Young People

13531138 - rainbow above the spring landscape with red poppy field Over recent years I have worked with an increasing number of young people whose stress and struggles all too often manifest as low mood, anxiety problems and various kinds of self harm. It seems so important that, as they find their place in this fast-paced world, young people are supported in effective ways to find healing, resilience and the ability to self care.

Stress and anxiety overwhelm the brain’s capacity to think well and learn. Together with proven techniques to reduce this distress, I have completed specialist training in boosting students abilities in learning and exam performance.

Preparing for exams amidst the pressure of young life can feel overwhelming and I find that this often exacerbates the distress associated with other aspects of life and relationships. This can feel difficult and even scary for young people and it can be such a relief to share the load and create space within a busy mind.

I love working with young people. I feel privileged that they feel prepared to trust me and it’s wonderful to see the relief they find from ‘stuff’ which feels difficult. Even after our work is complete, as they head towards adulthood, it’s lovely to know how much they will benefit from their growth in emotional intelligence – which is central to this work. To have an ability to notice important things within … to know how to calm ourselves down and keep our intelligent thinking capacity intact whilst we navigate our way forward. To have tools for caring for our emotional experience and a handle on the part that might sabotage … surely all this should be taught in schools?