What do I Offer

I have been a fully qualified Human Givens therapist since 2000 and was drawn instantly to its refreshing, hugely enabling and practical framework for understanding and finding relief from emotional and psychological suffering. Human Givens therapy combines the most effective psychological strategies with up-to-date knowledge of neuro-scientific research in order to create an approach to psychotherapy which is proving to be highly effective. Please have a look at the Human Givens website for more details of this exciting approach to emotional / mental wellbeing and the outcomes success demonstrated in studies of the approach www.hgi.org.uk

Many of my clients have experienced various forms of anxiety, trauma, depression and addictions. It’s such a relief for them to realise that there is now scientific understanding which explains how such distressing conditions are created within the brain … which is actually trying to do its best with the information it has. More importantly, this understanding paves the way for embarking on a new path where we can find a clear view and a renewed hope to energise the way forward.

I have used Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or ‘tapping’) for around 15 years. I find it to be a remarkable and deeply honouring tool to not only bring healing but gently clear any layers which may belong to yesteryear but resonate in the present. I often teach EFT to clients so that, with a renewed sense of perspective and self-compassion through working together, they may feel equipped to successfully care for their inner world as the need arises. I am also trained in the practice and teaching of mindfulness, which not only makes the healing process easier but is a form of mind  training bringing greater awareness and choice.

I have a peaceful therapy room in my home at the foot of the Pentland Hills. The first session often lasts an hour and a half  but thereafter sessions are usually an hour long. I have various daytime appointments and some early evening appointments for those who work full-time or are at school.

I love this exciting, liberating work and continue to develop my skills in any training which may advance my abilities. I believe this is the ethical way to provide the best service I can, and is what I would hope for myself if I was seeking a skilled person to share my inner journey for a while.