Professional Testimonials

  • Having been a GP for 25 years, and been sorely disappointed by the lack of effective counselling available to my patients via the standard NHS route, the Human Givens approach to psychotherapy has been nothing short of a revelation in its effectiveness and results. Since hearing about it some 6-7 years ago from an experienced GP colleague, I have been recommending it to hundreds of my patients for a wide variety of mental health problems, across all demographics and personality types, and have found it to be infinitely more effective than anything else I have encountered. Many of my patients have made huge strides towards resolving their problems by reading one or more of the Human Givens books I recommend. Within a couple of weeks one patient said “it has turned my whole life around for the better”, and this was without recourse to Psychotropic medication. Some will need more input, from a Human Givens Counsellor, and one of the nearest to my Practice is Rosanna Veitch. I have met her and spoken with her in person and on numerous occasions on the phone, and have to say I was instantly very impressed with her warmth and caring combined with great understanding, knowledge and empathy. Since then I have directed many patients to her. The response is universally positive, with patients feeding back the effective and empathetic nature of her counselling skills and the long term, effective coping strategies she empowers them to develop. (She incorporates other techniques and draws on other therapy types as well as Human Givens). I have seen this several times in the last few weeks when patients were at the end of their tether and in complete meltdowns, but after what is often one or two sessions with Rosanna were much calmer, more in control and importantly more understanding of the thought processes that had led to their current problems. Rosanna is a major asset in her field, and has, and will continue to bring peace and tranquility into the lives of those suffering from psychological stresses, which can manifest themselves in many different forms. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    Dr John Copland MbChB, MRCGP
    GP Partner
  • As a GP much of my time was taken up with the modern epidemics of stress, depression and anxiety. After I came across the Human Givens approach to counselling I found that it transformed my practice. Some patients responded just to the information and through self-help by reading the books on depression, anxiety, anger and addiction: for those who required more support, Rosanna Veitch proved quite invaluable. From my first meeting with her, I had complete confidence in her professionalism and her integrity. While she came to my attention as a HG counsellor, she is much more than that, with wide experience of mental health care and different counselling approaches. The broad and flexible approach she was able to bring to bear with patients meant that I was able to refer anybody requiring counselling/psychotherapeutic help secure in the knowledge that the therapy would be suited to the patient/client and not the client fitted to a therapeutic approach.The response of my patients was without exception favourable, and that included the mother/parents of young children through to adults and the elderly. Rosanna’s broad and considerable experience gave her a depth of understanding that resonated immediately with those that came to her for therapy, and she was able quickly to break down the initial anxieties and reservations of her clients. Her insight and support were always well-received. I especially appreciated her ability to communicate with children, for whom referral to psychological or psychiatric services can be a traumatic and often unhelpful step. The HG approach, with Rosanna’s broader involvement, resulted in an 80% reduction in my use of anti-depressants, and in 80% happier patients. Patients who saw her spoke very highly of her and were delighted with the quick and lasting improvement in their lives.
    Dr James G Hill BA, MB, ChB, DRCOG, DipRespMed
    GP Partner

Client Testimonials

  • My name is Marion Binnie and I have suffered from dark depression for a long period of time. I have tried many ways to combat this problem with little success. I was introduced to Rosanna by a friend at a time when I was in a very bad place. I thought this was something else to try and did not really expect any dramatic improvement. However after 4 meetings with Rosanna over a 6 week period my attitude to my condition completely changed. It was as if someone had helped me through a thick dark fog and had lifted an enormous weight from my mind. I quickly found that I had a purpose for living, and had become a whole person again for the first time in many years. I genuinely feel that Rosanna has been my saviour. I now feel that I can cope better with my depression and “IT DOES NOT RULE MY LIFE” any more. I feel that I am in better control and I can’t thank Rosanna enough for her kindness, understanding and thoughtful manner.
    Marion Binnie
  • When I first came to Rosanna I felt  helpless, trapped, overwhelmed and lost within my own mind. I was convinced that I would never find a way out of the way I was feeling. I saw a bunch of therapists over the past while before meeting Rosanna, and the difference in her is incredible. She has a completely different approach to healing, something you won’t find anywhere else, and she is able to see every perspective and explain why I felt the way I felt and gave me a clear path of how to get out of the way I was feeling. And it worked!!! Rosanna is a beacon of light and hope that I so desperately needed and I felt so so SO blessed to have met her. She is an extremely healing, nurturing, loving and gentle person who made me feel welcome in her lovely, cosy and warm home straightaway. She was so patient and understanding and even just her explaining what was going on inside my internal world helped me to feel so much better. Together we worked through the hurdles I was facing in my life and she helped me to realise that I had the strength all along. After only 7 sessions I now have so much more space and freedom in my life as well as my internal world. She has taught me invaluable techniques that work (!!!) and I can use these for any struggle I now come across in my life.
  • I contacted Rosanna to seek help as I had been struggling massively with constant racing thoughts and stress on the back of my wife suffering a miscarriage. I wasn’t able to focus on anything else and stuck in a constant cycle of negative thoughts which was resulting in me breaking down regularly. I had never been to a therapist before and was apprehensive   about what it would involve but recognised I needed to see someone to help me. Rosanna assured me what I was going through was normal and that she would be able to help me. In less than 2 hours with her, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders walking out and have been back to feeling like my old self ever since. I have also learnt techniques to manage stress and be more mindful / present and remove myself from my thoughts when required. I can’t thank her enough for helping me get over a really difficult and worrying period in my life.
  • Professional, to the point whilst managing to be warm and foster a calm atmosphere to confide in. Rosanna helped me by introducing me to a very basic concept to help with my problem, and explained it in everyday understandable language. This has allowed me to go further myself and approach my issues from a different angle. I was sceptical at first having toyed with going to see a ‘therapist’ but would definitely recommend Rosanna. After just one session I really felt that light had been shed at long last on something I had been struggling with for a number of years. Really excellent for new ideas and ways of looking at things.
  • Thank you so much again for seeing me again today, you are an absolute diamond and you are already helping me feel so much more empowered and happy and that’s just after 2 sessions – I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to find you honestly.
  • In only 6 sessions, Rosanna was able to help me reclaim my emotional balance and inner calm. I had found myself unable to cope day to day and was in a tailspin of anxiety, low mood and emotional conflict. Rosanna was so good at helping me understand the routes of my fears and worries, detangling them and working with me to learn how to process negativity in a healthy way. Since my time with her I have continued to feel the benefits of our sessions, feeling much stronger and more resilient to any emotional knocks. I can’t recommend her highly enough as someone to help you heal, grow and understand your own emotional depths and connect with your inner strength so you can handle anything that life throws at you.
  • I was able to open up and be true to myself in a safe environment without judgment or fear. Rosanna provided a safe place to address my vulnerabilities. She took me on a journey of self-recovery in a safe place. Rosanna provided an insight and perspective that I had not come across before; she helped me address all my concerns in a safe environment. I found peace, acceptance and hope through the time I spent with
  • In late 2017 I found myself facing an aggregation of family related traumas and fears exacerbating constant negative emotions and black / white thinking which manifested in the inability to get restful sleep and in acute emotional dysfunction within my mind. Subsequent to a number of meetings with counsellors offering traditional talk type therapy, I decided to search for and try someone who was qualified in and had gained experience of the Human Givens approach. That person turned out to be Rosanna Veitch. My personal experience of counselling sessions from Rosanna has been one of a holistic and grounded approach to addressing emotional, trauma / mental health issues. Rosanna draws upon her broad experience and specialist knowledge in counselling and mental health domains enabling her to discern which process(es) or tool(s) in combination with a solution-focused approach to her counselling are the most likely to generate progress and be ‘the best fit’ based upon individual client need and circumstance. Alongside this she brings to her work a natural form of kindness, understanding and a sense of care so placing her client at complete ease. Rosanna exudes the feeling of being a friend whilst, at the same time, maintaining a wholly professional approach to her work which inevitably necessitates sharing a special journey with each individual client. Rosanna, you excel in those aspects of counselling expertise and I cannot thank you enough for the difference I now feel resulting from your help, patience and guidance in the course of addressing my own debilitative situation.
  • I was a bit nervous at first but Rosanna was very easy to talk to and she understood exactly what I meant when I described how I was feeling. I liked the breathing technique that she taught me and I also like how she explained how my brain works so I could understand it. I liked her big comfy couch and her dog that always fell asleep. I don’t feel as anxious now about managing my symptoms because I know I have ways to help myself and that makes me feel much better.
    Ewan, Aged 12
  • Rosanna provided such a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment that it felt like talking to a friend rather than a counsellor. Any fears I had about taking my son to counselling therapy to help with his OCD symptoms disappeared quickly in such a calm environment. Always listening and putting my son first, she gently offered techniques and solutions to try and test until my son found the ones that helped him best and that he was able to practice both daily and, more importantly, when he needed them most. As a result, he feels much better able to manage his symptoms and even managed to reduce them so significantly that they no longer troubled him. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rosanna to anyone considering taking their child to counselling therapy.
    Ewan’s Mum
  • I went to Rosanna because I was fed up living with OCD. It affected my school work, my sport and even my home life. After several sessions with Rosanna, I overcame the OCD and got my life back. I am now going to Uni next month. My close friends know about the time when I had OCD and I let them know it’s ok to get help if you can’t deal with a problem on your own. I am grateful to Rosanna for the help she gave me.
    Alistair, Aged 14
  • We noticed Alistair’s behaviour and at first we made light of it in the house, however it became apparent it was getting worse and affecting his whole life. He came to me to ask how to deal with it and it was then we visited our GP. He recommended the Human Givens technique and gave us Rosanna’s number. Rosanna made Alistair feel at ease from the start and he trusted her to help him overcome the OCD. The difference in him since overcoming OCD is a pleasure to see. Academically his work improved and so did his confidence. He is now taking up a place at University – something that was hard to envisage 4 years ago. I will always be grateful for Rosanna’s help and support in helping Alistair deal with OCD.
    Alistair’s mum
  • Over the course of only a few sessions, Rosanna explained in simple terms what anxiety is which allowed me to understand in a fuller, more accurate way as to why I was suffering which in itself helped me greatly on the road to recovery. She then helped me to fully overcome it by introducing me to widely unrecognised principles and methods which are extremely simple yet highly transformational long term and which many people would benefit from. These methods helped put me back in control by utilising my own innate resources quickly and without the use of pills. Rosanna bridges the gap between the scientific and the spiritual and her in-depth knowledge and experience, complimented by her unique style and extremely personable manner, I am sure make her one of the best in her field.
  • Rosanna was wonderfully instinctive and able to guide me through the right path to recovery. I felt safe in her hands.
  • Rosanna, I will never get the chance to thank you properly for all that you have done for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel a bit like the lion in the Wizard of Oz who finally got some courage. Words would never express the help and strength you have given me.  Jodie
  • I found Rosanna to be very helpful and insightful. The tapping technique that Rosanna introduced me to is very calming and I use this at times of stress and anxiety. I can recommend Rosanna without reservation for counselling and coping mechanisms.
    Dr Sneddon
  • I can’t believe how much the rewind helped me, it was so good. I can’t believe I suffered so long with my anxiety and in just a few sessions I feel like a new person and it feels so far away! You truly are an amazing lady who I felt so comfortable and at ease talking to, I felt like I could tell you anything (well, I did). Thank you so much and any wee problems that pops up I now just TAP them away. Thank you so much.
  • Rosanna helped me look inside myself to start finding clues to why I had been feeling so, so lost in this world. Her gentle probing and genuine compassion made it easy and it didn’t take months and months of therapy. I could quite happily keep seeing Rosanna, but there comes a point when you are ready to face the outside world and put your new insights to the test.
  • I still maintain to this day if it wasn’t for Rosanna I wouldn’t be the person I have become. The only person who has been able to see me through the darkest of days and give me a new lease to life. There is not enough words to show how grateful I am for the amazing work Rosanna provides. Such an inspiring wonderful lady who will always remain a special person to me and my family.
  • A friend with a counselling background pointed me towards Rosanna for help addressing some issues I wanted to deal with. My experience has been very positive, and I have been able to leave a lot of the baggage behind me, which is a great relief. Of course some of the process was uncomfortable, but never beyond the limits of my comfort zone. Results were remarkably quick, and it only required a few sessions.
  • Since experiencing depression and anxiety since my early 20s and post natal depression in my early 30s, it was time to take on board a different approach to dealing and coping with them. I’d purchased the Human Givens books on both depression and anxiety and thought it would be beneficial to see a therapist, due to experiencing anxiety and panic attacks again. After discussing fully with my GP, he recommended making an appointment with Rosanna Veitch, a Human Givens therapist based in Balerno. Initially, one of the appealing factors was that there would be a maximum of approx 6 sessions, almost like a ‘short, sharp approach’. Other appealing factors were that the sessions weren’t drawn out over many months and it wasn’t necessary to discuss in-depth previous stressful or traumatic events.
  • Rosanna makes you feel very much at ease and she explained clearly, concisely and simply how the brain works. Just understanding that the brain is a pattern-making organ and why depression / anxiety can creep into peoples’ lives time and time again, makes an incredible difference. I only wish someone had taught this 16 years ago! The tools taught by Rosanna, such as breathing exercises and tapping, are invaluable and can be used every day, to train the brain to apply them when needed. Dave
  • Today I was going into a panic attack on the bus. Hyperventilating and feeling awful. I remembered to tap. And truly it helped, I calmed, I also did the breathing Rosanna taught me. Really want to thank Rosanna for these tools. I find her a brilliant, wise, gentle person and so skilled at her work. Rosanna not only listens but she hears.
  • I’m 20 and I have been through many different challenges in my life, from abuse to a serious accident. When I first went to Rosanna my head was all over the place, I didn’t know how I felt, what I was doing or where I belonged. Life at home was a constant argument and the fact I was on antidepressants made things worse. Now I feel more free, my head is totally clear and I know my own mind, my home life is better and I have dealt with my past demons. I have been able to come off my antidepressants and am now enjoying life.
  • The Human Givens therapies have been a savior for me. I have suffered depression, an eating disorder and low self-esteem for as long as I can remember and tried different therapies and tablets which had no effect. After a really bad period of depression, where I also took an overdose, and thought my world was ending, I decided to try Rosanna and I have come out the other side stronger and able to deal with life. She explained every sign and symptom I had and explained why it was happening and was able to take me through tapping techniques (which I will always use) and also Psych-K (the technique which I found the best for me!) to allow me to deal with my negative thoughts and I can now say I am able to turn them around by myself to more positive thoughts. I would recommend Human Givens and particularly Rosanna to anyone! Don’t take tablets, deal with it and make the changes!
  • After months of suffering with panic attacks whilst driving to work, I decided to see Rosanna. After the first meeting and some rewind therapy I’d realised I’d made the right decision. I can’t really describe the feeling but it was like something had been released. During the sessions (which don’t feel like you are meeting a Doctor or therapist as you are made to feel very welcome and RELAXED) Rosanna does not just use one kind of therapy she uses what suits you the best to help you as we are all different. Now after just 6 sessions I feel better, more organised at both home and work, I have my confidence back, ENJOYING driving again, friends and family have been commenting that I’m looking better and have my spark back. I also now have the knowledge and tools to keep me at the bottom end of the anxious scale.
  • I was suffering from anxiety and depression and although I had attended counselling I was not making progress. I visited a different GP who was interested in the Human Givens approach to dealing with anxiety and depression. I read the books and it seemed to make sense so I took the next step and phoned Rosanna. I was rather apprehensive but was immediately put at ease. I worked with Rosanna over a number of sessions. It was like visiting a friend – a listening friend and I always felt better when I left. Rosanna helped me to ‘arm’ myself with strategies to deal with the problems which were fueling my illness. I became stronger and began to take back control of my life. Rosanna is a kind and generous lady whose only aim is to help.
  • The 4 sessions with Rosanna were a revelation, yet we achieved so much. Rosanna’s gentle and encouraging manner meant a lot to one who lacks confidence and felt ashamed of her phobia. She is a special person who has a gift that can make a huge difference to the quality of peoples’ lives using a technique that I had only heard of weeks before meeting her. I have every confidence that I can now handle whatever else I have to go through with my eye condition. I may not ever like it, but I can now handle it with dignity. I would recommend this form of therapy, under Rosanna’s care, to anyone I might now meet with a disabling phobia or anxiety.